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Wrath of the Axe Wrath of the Axe

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love the color scheme and the background story. The details to the different textures with the metal and the hair and that blue light being so vibrant. Overall this is a really cool piece and my only very very small issue is with the girl near the bottom of the artwork. My issue with her is that one of her arms are hard to see, which might be something you did on purpose to show the blurred quick movement of the piece, but it's still a really good piece and I commend your skills :)

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ShofyLoops responds:

You are so kind my dear!!! :) ;) nwn
I'm glad you liked the story and the Illustration!!( I was thinking about the story ....mmm..... like 2 weeks maybe?, I wanted to develop a good character XD)
About the girls arm.... The blur is for keep the movement and create an Illusion of deep, because she is in second plane.....but I see I could give it some lights to contrast the color and make it highlight a bit more!!
Thanks for the observation!! nwn

P.s.1. Your work for the COTM is amazing, keep practicing and you will get very far!!!! nwn ;)

P.s.2. If you liked my work visit my gallery in Deviant Art:

What a find What a find

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Holy crap! I agree with A93 about the textures, they're so intricate in the grass and in the boys hair. I commend your piece. I love all the details and it almost reminds me not quite like a renaissance painting, but its just as detailed as one and has hat kind of..idk I get a sort of rich feeling from it, like its just the beginning of a new legend. Great job!

Axe VS Hammer Axe VS Hammer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love love love the coloring and how it all harmonizes together and the anatomy is awesome because I find that drawing anatomy in general can be difficult sometimes and especially if you need the body language communicate a message, which in this case is she's getting ready to go on the offense so it's just before she might lunge to attack or she's just ready to go on the defense, which also helps accentuate the background story, which I also really love the concept of. I also really like the gradient for the backdrop so the environment doesn't distract from our main focus. Overall that's a really well done and complete piece! Good luck on the Challenge by the way, this is my first time entering as well lol :)

IrenwillShi responds:

Thank you so much for your comment!

I had just thought she's defending herself using the broken piece, but I loved that you can read she's ready to lunge into offence as well, which I haven't even thought of at the time of the drawing xD

I'm glad you like the colouring, but I still need to practice more to get even better!